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Your Testosterone Nutrition Plan

Increasing testosterone naturally requires a full lifestyle overhaul, impacting everything from sleep habits, to stress management, and diet. Today I will focus on nutrition. Nutrition plays a pivotal part in your ability to make testosterone, because it supplies the raw materials your body will use to make the hormone, if nutrition is not working for you try getting low testosterone therapy.

Here are some simple nutrition habits you can adopt to naturally increase your testosterone production.


1. Eat More Cruciferous Vegetables

Why: We want to keep testosterone and estrogen in a certain balance. When that balance heavily favors estrogen in men, it is a sign that testosterone is being aromatized (converted) into estrogen, which is not good.


How: Eat cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, radishes, kale, watercress, bok choy, broccoli, and cauliflower. When these foods are ingested, they release a phytochemical that helps the body with estrogen metabolism and clearance.


2. Consume More Zinc

Why: In one study, dietary zinc restriction was associated with a significant decrease in serum testosterone in otherwise healthy men. Zinc is an aromatase inhibitor, which blocks the estrogen receptor site. We are looking to optimize the ratio of testosterone to estrogen and zinc to make sure testosterone isn’t converted to estrogen.

How: Some of the best sources of zinc are oysters, beef, lamb, shellfish, crab, clams, lobster, mussels, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, spinach, and cashews. Jarrow Formulas and Now Foods both sell high-quality zinc supplements.


3. Consume Selenium-Rich Foods

Why: Aside from being an essential trace mineral that people rarely get in their diet, selenium is essential for male fertility and plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone. Both zinc and selenium have been correlated to male fertility and testosterone levels in men.


How: Brazil nuts, liver, crab, and other shellfish are good sources of selenium. Most high-quality multivitamins should contain enough selenium to meet the needs of a man who is looking to increase testosterone through nutrient optimization.

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